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Spring Fashion- Oh the bow!

April 22, 2018 No Comments

Spring Fashion- Oh the bow!

April 22, 2018 No Comments

In full disclosure I got stuck in this shirt when I tried it on and the zipper is actually broken!  Buuuuut how can a girl pass up the perfect top?!  So after struggling in the dressing room for 10 minutes to get it zipped, I decided to ask for help.  Enter 3 employees holding the shirt together while trying to tug it down as hard as possible.  I swear it wasn’t because it was too small!  I may not be Cinderella but this shirt fits perfectly!  Everyone in the store (yup all eyes on me) said it was the “perfect” shirt for me  and meant to be so I had to walk out of the store with it NO.MATTER.WHAT. Boy did we put in work to get this sucker on me! We decided should try zip it while its off of me and then pull it over me head.  Yea bad idea when you have broad shoulders that dislocate (eye roll emoji).  After getting my arms stuck over my head it took the entire team to get it off of me but I had to have it!  So when they say beauty is pain, its true.  It won’t stop be from wearing this top though! Okay shut up and get on with what you came for right?!

I got the top at New York and Company but I am very sad to report they don’t have it online anymore.  Here are a few similar top on their site though!

My jeans I bought at Kohl’s last year and they are the JLO line.  They fit really fell and are nice and thick so they are smooth on the back of the legs (I HATE jeans that show up bumpy like cellulite…yea we all have it!)  They don’t have the same exact pair but these are the same jeans just ankle.  They’re currently on  sale for $36!

My heels I got at Target last year.  They have similar ones but not in white right now so here is a similar pair from Lulu’s that are only $17!

My tassel earrings are from Target and POPSUGAR. They are linked here for $12.99.

Start the drum roll…..this entire outfit from head to toe was $89!  Totally worth it because you can get so much wear out of the tassel earrings, white jeans, and shoes.  Fashion doesn’t have to be unaffordable!

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