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S’more Protein Waffles

June 4, 2019 No Comments
S'more Protein Waffles

S’more Protein Waffles

June 4, 2019 No Comments
S'more Protein Waffles
S'more Protein Waffles
S'more Protein Waffles
S'more Protein Waffles
S'more Protein Waffles
S'more Protein Waffles
S'more Protein Waffles

Hello hello hello friends! It has been awhile but I am back with the perfect summer breakfast (or dinner) recipe. So excited to share these s’more protein waffles with you. They are so easy and delicious that you will be making them every morning or night! You should know by now that I try to sneak protein into any recipe that I can but these can be made without the protein. These waffles care gluten free but can be made with regular waffle mix if you prefer.

Creation of my S’more Protein Waffles: An aha! Moment

For the past week I have been roasting marshmallows over my oven every night. Seriously the best treat but boy does it teach you patience. I am one that likes a perfectly brown marshmallow. Absolutely no burnt parts. I think I have finally perfected the technique. If only I showed commitment in my life like I did to these marshmallows! I Any way, I’ve been roasting marshmallows eating pancakes all day every day and then it dawned on me to combine the two for these s’more protein waffles!

Marshmallows Matter

You read that right. Marshmallows are not created equal. I’ve noticed that the brand of marshmallow does matter! Off brand marshmallows definitely aren’t as soft and fresh. At least in my mind they aren’t. Maybe I am making it up but I’d like to think I’ve eaten a lot of marshmallows in my life so I’m a certified expert. Jet marshmallows are hands down the best. I used the regular and miniature marshmallows in this s’more protein waffle recipe.

Why S’more Waffles?

Naturally your next question has to be why waffles and not pancakes? I found it’s much easier and less messy to make gooey filled waffles than gooey filled pancakes. Yup, that’s all my reasoning. And I bought a waffle maker so I felt the need to use it. I wanted a smaller version of a waffle maker so it wouldn’t take up as much room so I ordered a mini waffle maker. And mini I got. These waffles are smaller than my hand. Not exactly what I was looking for but on Amazon, you win some and you lose some. Now I know to read the dimensions but it was only $8 and it is kinda cute! All and all, feel free to use any size waffle maker. This recipe makes 6-8 hand size (eggo) waffles. If you want pancakes, just thin out the batter a little with extra milk. Now on to the important things the s’more protein recipe!

  • 1/2 cup of Gluten Free all purpose baking mix (I really like King Arthur brand)
  • 1 to 1/2 cup of almond coconut milk (can substitute regular milk)
  • Gluten free honey grahams
  • 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 2 scoops of protein (My favorite brand ABOUTTIME use MMessy for 15% off)
  • Chocolate Chips (You can use the dairy free in place of regular chocolate chips!)
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Regular size marshmallows

Time needed: 15 minutes.

S’more Protein Waffles

  1. Combine the baking mix and protein powder

  2. Pour in the almond coconut milk (or your favorite milk) and mix.

  3. Stir in the melted coconut oil

  4. Place mix in a preheated and sprayed waffle maker

  5. Before pressing the lid down, sprinkle your marshmallows, crumbled graham cracker, and chocolate chips

  6. Cook until done!

  7. To add toasted marshmallow on top, take your stack of finished waffles and place regular size marshmallows on top. Then place in the oven in an oven safe dish under the broiler. Keep an eye on the marshmallows and remove when golden brown.

  8. ENJOY!!

I hope you enjoy these s’more protein waffles! For another protein filled breakfast option check out my very berry protein donuts.


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