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Products for Small Breed Dogs

May 13, 2019 No Comments
Wellness CORE Small Bread Products

Products for Small Breed Dogs

May 13, 2019 No Comments
Wellness CORE Small Breed Products

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wellness, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I am so excited to share with you the products for small breed dogs that I use with Mercedes who very obviously is a small breed dog! Product choice is SO important which is why I chose Wellness® CORE®, a product line for small breed dogs! But before I get into the specific products that I carefully choose for Mercedes, let me tell you a little more about the Messy duo!

If you know me, then you also know Mercedes. If you don’t, one important thing before we continue- Michelle and Mercedes are pretty synonymous around here.  She is my little sidekick and has been for the past ten years. Yes she is ten!! She is an old lady that still looks like a puppy, with the energy of a puppy too.  She is a teacup Yorkshire Terrier. On a good day, she is a whopping 4 pounds. On a bloated, I ate too many treats kind of day, she is 5 pounds of cuteness!

Our Hobbies

She loves going on walks and it’s quite astonishing how fast and far those little legs can take her. Her legs are smaller than my hand yet she somehow manages to walk non-stop. She just loves staying active! Another favorite pastime of Mercedes is playing in the grass.  Where there is sun and grass, you can find her. She loves soaking up the sun and will lay outside all day if it’s warm and sunny.  And when it isn’t warm enough outside, she finds the sunniest room in the house to lay right where the sun comes in.

Wellness CORE Small Breed Products
Wellness CORE Small Bread Products

My Best Friend

We first got Mercedes when I was really sick after college.  Most days, I couldn’t get out of bed and that meant Mercedes didn’t either.  She was and is the most loyal dog always keeping watch over me. With every illness I’ve suffered, Mercedes has always been there. The cliche mans best friend is so true.  She has the sweetest temperament but don’t let that fool you. She is so mischievous!

Appetite for Everything

This dog will get into anything you leave out. And I mean annnnything! In fact, she somehow manages to get into food that seems entirely out of her reach. This dog has performed circus like moves that one would say are impossible just to get chocolate.  We are still confused how she was managed to get it but a love for chocolate is something we both share.

Another time when I was unloading groceries, I made the mistake of leaving hamburger meat on the floor.  I went outside for maybe 10 seconds to get another load of groceries and when ! came back inside, Mercedes has broken the pack wide open and was devouring the pack of meat.  Her stomach wasn’t so happy later but I think she would have done it again. When I say she thinks, she is a 150 lb dog, I’m not joking. Anything you leave on the floor, she’s devouring it.  I have witnessed first hand the toll “junk” food can take on her poor stomach.

Health & Wellness

I personally am an avid believer in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and quality food.  Making smart choices keeps me feeling my best and promotes a long healthy life. What I put in my body is really important.  I make food choices that nourish my body to keep me feeling my best. The health of me and my family is of the utmost importance to me and that includes Mercedes!  I want Mercedes to feel her best so she can continue to go on long walks, catch rays, and be my mischievous little sidekick which is why I started looking into products for small breed dogs.

Wellness CORE Small Breed Products

Choosing the Right Pet Products

What I feed Mercedes is just as an important as what I put in my mouth. Mercedes tends to be extra sensitive about what she eats.  It’s very important to me that I feed her a dog food that is a product for small breed dogs specifically and includes rich nutrients and protein to promote a balanced and healthy life for Mercedes. It’s obvious she likes meat so I chose Wellness® CORE® for her.  It is a line of products for small breed dogs that provide natural, grain-free, protein-rich meals, treats and toppers that are big on protein and flavor. Their kibble is combined with 100% raw meat pieces to create a savory nutrient rich meal to help your dog thrive.

Nutritious & Delicious

We started with Wellness CORE RawRev Small Breed and it’s safe to say this food is a winner! I felt good about the quality of this product for small breed dogs and she devoured it in seconds.  Win-Win! I started with the dry food first to make sure she loved it and she did, so I incorporated the Wellness CORE Mini Meals and Wellness CORE Petite Treats.  I like to give her the mini meals for a special topping on top of her dry food.  She scarfs that down even faster than the dry food.

Wellness CORE Small Bread Products
Wellness CORE Small Bread Products
Wellness CORE Small Bread Products
Wellness CORE Small Bread Products

To say she loves Wellness CORE Petite treats is an understatement.  She pretends to go out and pee just so she can get more treats. She thinks I don’t know, but I do! I just choose to give her the extra treat because I know they aren’t junk and are made of quality material. Choosing these products for small breed dogs is the best decision I’ve made for Mercedes!

Wellness CORE Small Bread Products

If you are looking for products for small breed dogs and want to him/her live their best life, check out Wellness CORE Small Breed products for yourself! You will not be disappointed with their products for small breed dogs. Wellness, also, creates products for dogs and cats so visit their website for products specifically made for your pet.  Feed your pet well! Find locations that sell Core near you.

Want to feed yourself well too?! Visit my recipes page for protein rich and healthy recipes!


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