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Ab Workout

An ab workout to make your core strong and define your stomach! Lately, I’ve seen so many posts about flat belly teas or shakes. Let’s be honest. no tea or shake is going to make your stomach flat. It takes work! And it goes far beyond just exercises. A flat stomach starts in the kitchen. Sugar often is held in the stomach area resulting in a pouch. Concentrate…

Ten Winter Beauty Product MUST Haves

Below I am sharing my top ten favorite winter beauty product MUST haves! Winter here in PA is brutal! (Random thought- have you noticed that only people from Pennsylvania use the abbreviation?? No one says here in OH or I’m from FL. Wonder why that is?! Any way, yes winter sucks and it’s cold as hell here. My pasty skin, dry hair, and chapped lips need some serious…

Salted Chocolate Protein Cheesecake

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time to whip a delicious healthy protein cheesecake for all you health and fitness buffs! You should have your cake and eat it to. You can indulge in your cravings and still make healthy choices! This recipe is super easy and can be made gluten and dairy free. As usual no added sugar! This cream cheese recipe is…

About Me

About Me

My name is Michelle and I am creator of Modestly Messy. I reside in Pittsburgh, PA with my teacup yorkie, Mercedes. I have a passion for fashion, fitness, and food. I struggle with chronic illnesses so I try to share the messiness of real life through a lens of optimism with a side of sarcasm, of course. My biggest goal in life is to change someone's life for the better so I hope this page touches you in some way and motivates you to be happier, healthier, and maybe a bit more fashionable too!


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