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Fourth of July outfits

June 25, 2019 No Comments
July 4t outfits Modestly Messy Blog

Fourth of July outfits

June 25, 2019 No Comments

I have four affordable July 4th outfit options (say that 3 times fast) that will get to you just in time for the holiday! These outfits are everything red, white and blue for the patriot in you ; ) So the options I have aren’t all in your face American flag but rather ideas that combine our nations colors in outfit choices that can be worn way beyond July 4th. I prefer a more subtle July 4th outfit style. These options are all under $25!

where to shop

Amazon! Amazon! Amazon! You NEED prime! If I had to choose between food, water, or amazon prime for survival…I’d choose Amazon Prime! Seriously the answer for everything. At first, I was super tentative about ordering from them because I figured the quality must be awful because of the prices. Yes, some are not great but I have gotten SO many great pieces that are surprisingly amazing quality! Amazon makes it so easy with the 2 day shipping and returns. I was shocked how easy the returns are. You just pop into a UPS with a barcode and send it back. That convenience is EVERYTHING to me. With little time to the Fourth of July you can get your outfit fast!

what to buy

I have literally bought everything from Amazon. Tops, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits, sandals, shoes, jewelry, appliances….you name it I’ve bought it. My biggest piece of advice is READ THE REVIEWS. They are usually spot on. Don’t just read the first two instead read a handful and look at the pictures people post. They are so helpful to see what the product looks like on an actual person. Also, look at what the clothing is made of. Some things I ordered thinking they were cotton ended up being polyester but if I read the description I would have seen it wasn’t a nice material. The ratings will also tell you if you should size up or down and I found these VERY helpful! So on to the real reason you’re reading… My fourth of July outfit choices!

July 4th Outfit one
Modestly Messy Blog
Modestly Messy Blog

The paper bag shorts are in this season and everywhere. I recently posted another pair on my instagram and they were a hit! I did not jump on the band wagon right away. I thought they looked a little like adult diapers with the top part but they have grown on me and are actually really comfortable! I think these striped shorts are perfect for the fourth of July. I paired it with this white bodysuit which I love and it is actually SO comfortable. It is so much better than constantly trying to tuck in your shirt or tucking your shirt in your underwear to keep it from popping out. Am I the only one guilty of that?! Pair this outfit with red dangle earrings and you are all set for July 4th!

July 4th outfit two
Modestly Messy Blog
Modestly Messy Blog

I am in love with this dress! It is perfect for the fourth of July because it has red, white, and blue stripes! I actually didn’t even purposely order any of these outfits for the fourth. I saw a theme and thought I’d share and this dress is my favorite! It is so light and comfy. It has the cutest pom pom details. The only con of this outfit is that it is a bit see through so I would wear nude underwear or a nude thong. This dress is cute dressed up or down. I wore it with these super comfortable wedges. Another great choice for a July 4th outfit.

July 4th outfit three
Modestly Messy Blog
ModestlyMessy Blog

This maxi one of my favorites! It is so light and comfortable. It is not at all in your face festive colors but a blue pattern that can be worn all season long. It fits well too and the off the shoulder is very comfortable unlike a lot of other off the shoulder tops and dresses. This dress is worth the buy if not for a fourth of July outfit but for the summer! You could pair it with red earrings, sandals, or a bag to make it more festive!

July 4th Outfit four

This outfit was a favorite on instagram and it is absolutely perfect for the fourth! So here ya go! The material of the body suit is amazing. Its silky and stretchy so the fit is pretty great. I love the one shoulder design with the white detail. It would be really great for a lot of occasions and comes in other colors! It would be cute paired with shorts on hotter days.

Modestly Messy Blog
July 4th Outfit five

I know I said only four but we needed a super casual option and this it it! This dress is a MUST HAVE for summer and July 4th. Made out of t-shirt material and having pockets makes it a must have in your closet for summer! Hands down the most comfortable dress I own. Best part, you can wear a normal bra ! Or throw it on top of a swimsuit. I typically wear it with white converses making it fit the red, white, and blue theme. It comes in many colors and is under $25!


Linked here are red, white, and blue earrings that will turn any outfit into the perfect fourth of July outfit!

Be safe, fashionable and enjoy the time with family and friends! Happy Fourth of July!

For more outfits visit my fashion page or shop my style!


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