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So this is the part where you read how great and perfect my life is.  How I love fashion and fitness and eat only the healthiest of foods.  The quick synopsis of my sugar coated life.  However, I won't be doing that.

Can you really know someone through their about me section? Do the people in your life really "know" you?  To know someone is to know their daily trials and tribulations and furthermore their thoughts.  The mind holds the secret to who we really are.  Yes, I created this blog to share fashion, fitness, and lifestyle tips but it has a purpose so much greater. Life isn't the cookie cutter world we see all over social media.  While there is a lot of joy there is also pain and suffering.  Social media has done our society an unjust. We have forgotten what real life is.  I want to expose the rawness of real life- the good and the bad.  I will be sharing my honest pursuit of happiness and the struggles I have encountered along the way.

So far in life I think I have done a great job painting a picture of a perfect life on the outside. I constantly get the phrases "you are so put together all the time" and "you have everything".  There's no such thing as a perfect life so I will be exposing the messiness of my own life.  Vulnerability is nakedness of the soul which means its pretty darn right terrifying.  I am a fairly private person so this will be a great challenge for me.  It will push me but in that forward movement I know I will grow as a person. My goal in life is to change someone's life for the better.  I have tried to accomplish this through a career in non-profit but I haven't fully reached my aspirations. I want to individually affect someone's life in some capacity.  This is has always been my goal.  After a monumental "negative" change in my life 6 months ago, I have been able to reflect on my life. This wasn't the first time my life has came crashing down and my plans were put on pause. During my reflection,  I realized despite countless hardships, my life was playing out in a way that could positively impact someone else.  It's as if all the chaotic leaves thrown in the air were all coming gracefully down like they were supposed to.   I see now that sharing my story could reach people and it could give hope, encouragement, and inspiration to others in overcoming life's greatest obstacles.  Happiness truly is a mindset.  You can let life get you down or you can choose to have those events push you forward and strengthen you.  I hope by sharing my story people will see life for what it really is.  I want this to be a page a source of comfort that of inspiration, support, and connects people to real life. So if you're ready, welcome to my messy life.






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