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DIY Home Gym Makeover

March 24, 2018 No Comments

DIY Home Gym Makeover

March 24, 2018 No Comments

Let me start off by expressing how EXCITED I am with how this project turned out!  The finished product was better than I anticipated.  You know how you have those really great home improvement ideas and then you do them and they turn out super blaaaaaah?!!  That was my fear because we can all agree that repainting a wall is as boring as watching paint dry 😉

I have been trying to convert one of my smaller bedrooms into an at home workout space.  With travel to and from the gym, it takes a huge chunk out of my day so I wanted to create a space I would be excited about working out from.  And this space got me pumped- Physically and mentally.  I did a pretty quick renovation to the room just by paint and it made a HUGE difference!  I also put down a soft flooring I bought at Walmart to put all of my weights on.  I feel like this space gives me zero excuses not to workout!  It helps that it is on the third floor of my house so its away from a tv, laundry, kitchen, yada yada yada.  Ya know anything that can be distracting!

Soooo lets get to it already!  What did I do?


First, I painted my ugly tannish yellow walls that were there when I bought the house to a fresh bright white.  this really helped brighten up the room!

Supplies- I bought white interior semi gloss paint from Walmart.  Save money where you can!  So all I needed was the paint, rollers, and a small brush for corners.



After letting it dry for 4 hours, I started taping and creating patterns.  I started from a corner and worked my way up and over.  It’s easier to tackle this by just working on a small space.  It can look overwhelming so focus on perfecting one small area at a time.  Honesty- theres no wrong or right way to do this!  Just make different sizes and shapes.  I varied my shapes from diamonds and triangles with a few rectangles.  Make sure you have a different pattern the whole way through.  Its supposed to look abstract not a consistent pattern design the whole way through.  The wall took me about an hour to tape.

Supplies- Painters thick tape (That’s it for this step!)


I picked out a color scheme I wanted the wall to be.  I chose two shades- grey and yellow but you can do 5 different colors or even one color!  You just need to make sure they are different shades of the color so they contrast and stand out.  Yellow just happens to be my favorite color and I think this is an acceptable way of painting BOLD yellow in the house! I picked out a dark bold shade of the grey and yellow and a light more pastel shade of each, also.  For reference, I picked colors from the same shade card but about 5 levels apart.

Then you start painting the shapes!  I did one color and then moved on to the second and so on.  Think about spreading the colors out and don’t paint two shapes right next to each other the same exact color all throughout the wall.  Don’t over think it and use the contrasting colors to bring out the design!  Paint every single shape.  If you don’t the pattern won’t pop with the white lines as much.

Supplies needed: 2 colors of paint in 2 shades- Quart sizes were enough for my wall.  The paint goes ALOT further than I thought.  I bought gallons and didn’t even make a dent in it. I used a small roller and paint brushes.


Let dry for 3-4 hours and PEEL TO REVEAL!!!! This is the most fun part!  Think of peeling of face masks or dry skin from a burn (if you don’t love that then that’s just weird and you won’t get the PURE JOY of this!!) so.much.fun!  I was like a kid and could hardly wait 3 hours for the reveal!

Helpful hints:

  • Pick out shades from the same color card but 5-6 levels apart
  • Pick one accent wall in your house- more than one wall would be overwhelming!
  • Block off an entire day for the wall- it took about 8 hours from beginning to end to finish
  • Make sure your lines are completely sealed on the wall.  Go over once and then go over again!  The last thing you want is for the paint to bleed and the lines not be clean
  • Don’t pick a ton of colors- Less is more!  Think shades
  • If you look at the entire wall you will get overwhelmed.  Break it into segments in your mind

Let me know if you have any questions and have fun!  Share your finished pictures with me!


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