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Lately, there have been few days I have been able to get out of the house.  And to be honest, I didn’t go out in this outfit.  I put it on and took a quick picture in front of my house.  Afterwards, I was back in the house in bed the entire day. This was the first time I did my makeup and hair in almost 6 weeks.  If I bathe two days in a row it’s a win over here! I want this post to be reminder that everything isn’t what it seems.  If you just looked at the picture below especially the one without the crutches, you would see a happy and healthy woman.  In reality, I have been struggling since surgery. The pain, sickness, and isolation is really challenging.  It can get me really down. It is also hard having a chronic invisible illness because everyone reacts with “but you look fine”.  I try to be happy, upbeat, and disassociate the illness part of my life  but sometimes that gets really exhausting. I am trying to do better at being upfront with friends/family and only committing to what I feel up to doing.  So just remember there are many people fighting battles we know nothing about.  Be slow to pass judgement and take the time to really “know” someone before you make assumptions about their life.  Everyone has a story.

Now on to the important stuff! Fall style usually means baggy sweaters, leggings, and dark colors but it doesn’t have to be that way!  I mean don’t get me wrong I love comfy clothes (and have been living in them) but it is also the perfect weather for pretty blouses and dark jeans.  I absolutely love the contrast between dark jeans, white blouses, and cognac colored boots.  Throw in a few leaves with those boots and I am in love.  Enter this outfit… I was going for boho chic and I think I nailed it!


This top from HM fits loose and flows nicely.  I tucked it in to give it more of a chic look but it can be work untucked for a bit more of a boho vibe. It has a button at the top to make the neckline form fit.  It has pretty ruffles that flow nicely down the front and at the cuffs. I love the embroidered front with blue thread that adds a nice detail on the white material.  The blue makes it look perfect with a dark wash jean. The jeans I am wearing are from Express. To complete this look, I wore tan boots to polish this chic look.  I love the gold detail on the boots that makes them a bit dressier.  For a similar pair, visit Aldo. For a pop of color, I added the dangly pair of yellow earrings.  A similar pair can be found here. When it gets colder, I would pair it with my navy peacoat that is currently on sale!


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