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ab workout

An ab workout to make your core strong and define your stomach!

Everyone is posting nutrition shakes that are supposed to make your tummy flat. Let’s me honest.  A shake isn’t going to do that. You gotta put in WORK! What you eat and put in your body is really important as most excess sugar and fat  is stored in the stomach area.  I hear all the time that people can’t get rid of their pouch.  Here is my ab workout that includes 10 ab exercises I like to do to work my core and try to get me some chiseled abs for summer!  You can do all ten exercises in a circuits of 3-4 sets or mix a few of them in throughout your other workouts.  My goal is always to do 4 sets of each exercise with 15-25 reps.  This not only helps build your muscles but it also tones the muscles and burns fat making the muscle more visible by losing that extra layer of skin.  So lets get to it…. here are the 10 ab exercises for a great ab workout!


    Ab workout

    Using a 20 pound weighted ball, do a crunch pulling the ball overhead to your toes.  Concentrate movements in the core. I do 30 each time.  I love using the bosu ball for these crunches because it really helps to extend your muscles to lengthen them and then contract them with the movement overhead to your toes.

  2. RUSSIAN TWISTS WITH MEDICINE BALLAb workoutAb workoutSit in seating position with your feet a little further out.  Using a weighted ball, turn from side to side to complete the Russian twists.  Do 20 to each side.
  3. BALL KNEE UNDERSAb workoutAb workoutThis is my least favorite exercise because it is the most challenging or me!  It is also a great shoulder burn exercise.  Put your feet on the ball with your hands on the ground and walk out until you are extended.  Now curl your knees in and back out.  I am lucky if I can get 20 of these!
  4. PLANK TO TWISTAb workoutAb workoutGrab some 5 lb weights and get into a plank position.  Start with one side and twist to extend your arm to shoulder height.  Bring weight back down to plank position and do the other side.  I do 20 of these.
  5. CRUNCHES 4 WAYSAb workout
    Ab workoutAb workout
    I do 10-15 crunches per each position.  Legs straight, legs bents, legs with heels on the floor and then with my legs out flat.  I really focus on crunching my core to avoid pulling on my neck.
  6. CRUNCH ON BALL WITH REACH Ab workout Ab workout
    Perform a normal crunch on the ball but reach at the end of the crunch.  The extra reach beyond the normal crunch really targets your upper abdomen.  I do 25 of these.
  7. STANDING SIDE CRUNCHAb workout Ab workout
    While standing, place hands behind head and side bend to touch elbow to your knee.  repeat on each side. I do a total of 40 (20 to each side).
  8. STANDING CROSS OVER CRUNCHAb workout Ab workout
    While standing, place hands behind head and bring opposite elbow to opposite knee. Repeat to each side.  I do a total of 40 (20 each side).
  9. BACK EXTENSIONS ON BALLAb workout Ab workout
    This is a great exercise your core, back, and butt.  Lay down with your stomach on the ball, knees on ground, and feet against wall.  Your feet against something will help you stay in place.  With or without a weight, bend at the waist to the ground and extend back up.  Make sure to squeeze your glutes while performing this exercise!  I do 20 reps.
  10. SUITCASE CRUNCHAb workoutAb workout
    I never quite understood why these were called suitcase crunches?! But lay on your back and crunch up to touch your ankles.  Extend back down and repeat.  I do this 15-25 times.
That’s it!  I don’t always do a circuit of all of these exercises.  I will usually take 4 and mix them in with other body part circuits that I do.
Do you have a favorite ab exercise?  Share below!

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